Christmas Creations

20 Jan


This year instead of the usual chocolate advent my aunt shared the above idea with me. A few kids socks, random gifts, string and pegs and a silver pen for writing the countdown on the pegs and BOOM done, something special for a loved one.


Card design for competition

20 Jan

Initial sketch for Christams card competition

robin photoshop

It’s officially on sale…

19 Jul


After winning the Own-Label competition in 2011 (thanks to the support of my friends and family) I can now change my CV from in manufacture to ON SALE!!!

I need to promote and sell as many of these dresses as possible, there is no commission but it would be fantastic to say that my dress was the best seller! SO please help, SPREAD THE WORD AND BUY!

My first Youtube appearance

9 Apr

Brief work experience…check out the most important parts at 20 seconds and again at 28 secs – 30 secs


9 Apr
I have recently started to feel pretty stressed out by the amount of ‘things’ I have collected over the years. before I moved to London in August I did 2 carboot sales but making £30 and not coming back with a empty car didn’t give me a sense of achievement.
My Auntie (a wise women) helped me to understand ebay and I have now made a nice amount of money.
In theory it would be a nice to not car and just throw it all away or give it to charity but I am someone who gets very attached to ‘things’ and annoyingly remember the prices of almost everything I buy, and hate the thought of wasting all that money.
After several evenings of ebaying and the last 2 weeks of my lunch breaks being spent in Luton post office, I have made £340 minus postage.
I have now given myself the challenge to make £600 to clear my overdraft, this has given me the push that I needed to actually part with ‘things’ that I haven’t worn or used for years, but liked because it felt like a good deal at the time or I told myself that I have always wanted one of ‘those’.
I love the idea of renovating furniture and love pieces with character or something that is a challenge to sand down and paint or reupholster…the thing is these things take time and effort. 
This passion for collecting furniture has led to a bedroom full of random items, tables, chairs etc. I have also placed several of these items onto ebay to make some of my money back and also people will collect for free which is pretty hassel free.
If you want complete stress fre you could try Stuffusell but they will take a lagre 20% cut.
I tried to sell a few of my CD’s on Music Magpie but found it a bit of an effort for such a small amount of cash, so am saving those for the next carboot.
I gave 6 bags of clothes and clutter to a local charity shop and posted a few items on Freecycle but Top Tip: put it on a day or 2 before you want it collecting.
I will keep you all updated on my success or failure to reach my goal of a clear room, whether I clear my overdraft and if the theory a clear room really does equal a clear mind.

The Hunger Games

28 Mar


Tonight I saw the much talked about ‘The Hunger Games’ and it lived up to all my expectations and more. As the reviews have mentioned recently it sure did have a lot of deaths (pretty vivid too), but it was amazing…maybe not for 12 year olds, but there is so much to the story, the main reason for the why The Hunger Games began was slightly brushed over in a extremely brief video link but apart from that I can’t fault it at all.

It was very intense and kept my attention from start to finish. I am buzzing off this film and its in depth thought and detail that can be related to so many other social problems and is a very interesting take on what the future could hold…that is if we make it past 2012!

I am totally addicted to this already and think that Twillight has nothing on The Hunger games.


22 Mar